Staying On Top of Your Numbers in a Push World

Author: Ron Hiller l  Published Date: 5/14

Blog Category: Goal Management

Staying on top of your team’s numbers in this nanosecond world need not be a significant time burner. The Internet has revolutionized communications and given us a just in time pull model – information is pulled as we need it from anywhere.

Ironically many managers continue to rely on an outdated cumbersome time wasting push model for staying abreast of their team member’s updates. “Send me your latest sales figures for the month and the status of your top ten accounts” or  "Set aside every Monday morning for our weekly team's status update meeting".  (See the 80/20 Principle of Meetings

Push is Passé

Are you and other managers in your organization placing your trust in a static push process to stay abreast of mission critical dynamic activities related to sales, production, billing and other metric driven scorecard objectives?  

“If all you have is a hammer then the whole world begins to look like a nail.” So if your team's communication tools are limited to face to face meetings, phone conversations, email and attachments and hard copies then you and your people are spending more time on your communication process than you need to and less time on making the numbers happen.

The overhead spent by employees and managers emailing, copying, and printing performance updates back and forth is both staggering and unnecessary. A dynamic web based goal management approach relieves employees and managers from the tedious and ever present need to push mission critical information back and forth to each other. 


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A Perfect Storm

A manager’s challenge to stay current with their employee’s performance is exacerbated by a lethal perfect storm. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and time constrained, competitive and economic forces are fueling the need for just in time operational data, and organizations are desperate for a better bottom up flow of mission critical information. “What are our competitors doing?” 

Pull is the New Normal

Empowered employees using an intuitive goal management solution can post their achievements and updates to their assigned tasks, create new goals for themselves, and offer fresh ideas for improving performance.

Managers track their team-members progress in real time, generate summary scorecard reports, receive bottom up suggestions with next steps and updates;
all of this without ever having to print, copy, or email attachments or attend status meetings. 
Managers and employees are free from shuffling paper, version management, exchanging and tracking emails, and are less reliant on time consuming status meetings. Higher level managers have line of site of the numbers of their direct and indirect reports and the underlying activities and the forward thinking next steps. 

Managers and employees can share strategies and next steps and create micro goals to help ensure major targets are met.

Goals are meant to be achieved. Goal management software from IFP will operationalize your corporate goals. It is the gift an organization gives itself to streamline the data gathering and tactical management process so less time is spent on identifying performance gaps and more time focused on bridging them.

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