Employee Reviews Alone Do Little to Improve Performance

Author: Ron Hiller l  Published Date 2/2014

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HR has a clear strategic role to play at increasing a company’s competitiveness by providing a better enterprise-wide perspective of business performance through automating the review process. But does performance management alone mitigate the common criticism “Reviews do little to improve performance”?


Closed-Loop Performance Management
Identifying performance is one thing, improving it another. An integrated performance and learning management system provides a closed-loop process that helps managers and employees recognize opportunities for improvement and then bridge performance gaps through managing the steps in the learning process. (Read More Starts Here)

The demand for managing learning is growing astronomically! It is fueled by a growing list of drivers, identification methods, and learning activities.


Below is the Learning Cycle Chart.

There are many compelling business reasons for implementing an integrated performance and learning management system. This blog covers the more salient of them.

Doing More With Less

Doing more with less is a business mantra echoing across the globe, and nowhere is it more relevant than in HR. Whether HR is a one person shop or a large department, they are tasked with doing more today than just a few years ago. Without going up in head count HR must look to technology to lighten the load and an integrated performance and learning management system solves many challenges that organizations face today as well as others looming down the road. Let’s look at some of those challenges and how an integrated performance and learning management system can save the day.

Supply and Demand

Despite the high unemployment rate many industries remain challenged in finding qualified employees to fill vacancies created by growth and expansion and or retiring boomers. The healthcare industry is one such industry that is under pressure from two fronts; boomer retirement and an increased demand for services with the graying of America.


Many healthcare providers have adopted a “grow your own” strategy to meet a dwindling supply of nurses. Developing current employees to meet a growing talent demand in your industry is a great strategy. However, it is made much easier with an integrated performance and learning management system to schedule learning, monitor progress, track and document the employee’s learning and progress.



The increase of regulatory and compliance mandates have added many new demands for training and increased the frequency of audits. Employers need to generate compliance reports quickly and accurately. An integrated performance and learning management system manages all aspects of the compliance training, and can quickly generate the requisite reports in real time.


Performance Management

Organizations are getting better at managing performance and aligning business goals by using automated performance management. However this is a good news bad news scenario, since many organizations don’t have a comprehensive automated learning management system that is fully integrated with their performance management. Identifying performance gaps is one thing; but bridging them with learning is another. Having disparate systems that don’t talk with each other is expensive and inefficient. A system that does both is efficient and logical.


Competitive Forces

There are two competitive forces businesses are grappling with that are more easily managed with an integrated performance and learning management system.


The first is the bottom line and a company’s fight for survival amongst a growing list of competitors. Yesterday competitors were across town, today they have sprung up like mushrooms and they are everywhere and not just across town but across the globe. Keeping your employees abreast of your competitors’ products and services as well as advances with your own organization’s products and services is a monumental task made easier with an integrated performance and learning management system.


The second competitive force driving the need for an integrated performance and learning management system is the competition for hiring and retaining your organization’s talent.

Studies confirm that the best employees are more interested in growing their skills and their careers than just pay and benefits, and that they are more willing to give their loyalty to an employer committed to giving them the skills to further their career goals. An integrated performance and learning management system speaks volumes about your commitment to growing and developing employee’s skills.

Succession Planning – Your Organization’s Life Line

Managing the succession pipeline is your organization’s life line. Development of tomorrow’s leaders is a top priority for all organizations at the best of times but one that is especially acute given the mass exodus of boomers over the next 10 years. Combat the brain drain now.

The development of tomorrow’s leaders is a process that requires a collage of custom interventions such as mentoring, job rotations, leadership training and more. Documenting and managing your organization’s custom learning interventions as part of your succession plan is made easier with a fully integrated performance and learning management system.


Employee Engagement

The best companies treat employees the same way they treat their business lines, as a valuable resource to be carefully developed in support of their business goals. An integrated performance and learning management system sends a powerful message of caring about the employee. Employee loyalty and engagement increases when employees know that their employer takes the employee’s Personal Development Plan (PDP) seriously.

Learning Transparency

An integrated performance and learning management system showcases an employee’s training. All stakeholders from the employee to their manager, their manager’s manager and HR and the training organization can view an employee’s training related information. By integrating learning with performance management talent is optimized, performance gaps are bridged, and employee performance trends improve.


Training ROI

Training is expensive and like any expense it needs to be justified by showing a return on investment. With an integrated performance and learning management system the training organization can show a correlation between performance trends over the past 12 review cycles and training activities.



There is a growing need for organizations to have a comprehensive integrated performance and learning management system to document all training activities, focus learning resources where they will deliver the most value, and evaluate training effectiveness over time. Provide a single secure online portal access to managers and employees for all their performance and learning management needs.

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