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Performance Management Is NOT an Annual Event

Author: Ron Hiller l Published Date 9/2014


The day of treating employee reviews as a singular event must come to an end. Employers bent on improving performance can no longer treat reviews as a perfunctory annual experience. To shift the paradigm employers must provide their staff with a systematic communication tool that is accessible anytime anywhere, is easy to use, and organizes disparate data into meaningful information that can be used for recognition, performance improvement, and pay for performance.

Falling Through the Cracks

Employee performance is a fleeting and capricious series of events. Additionally many employees work remotely from their supervisor, or work different shifts making manager/employee communications sparse and uncertain.   (Read More Starts Here)

For the most part, many time challenged managers are ill prepared for their employee’s review meetings. They have no systematic approach to gather and organize all the performance related facts and scorecards, nor do they have an orderly method for organizing a plethora of unrelated events into a comprehensive and meaningful review.

Reviews hastily contrived at the eleventh hour tend to be big on subjective comments and short on facts leaving many performance events both good and bad falling through the cracks. An inaccurate review leads to distrust in the process and a break down in one of the most important business partnerships; that of employee and manager.

A Paradigm Shift

You wouldn’t try to balance your checkbook once a year. It would be impossible to recall every deposit and withdrawal.  The same logic applies to making sense out of an employee’s daily performance throughout the year.  

Why do we try to provide meaningful performance feedback to an employee when that information is drawn from memory and from a "mish-mash" of documents, emails and record notes? The answer rests with not having the right tools. Is it any wonder that reviews have become enemy number one?

Dynamic Performance Management

An employee’s performance is unique and it is comprised of a complex array of contributions, value add, and achievements. In some instances the quality of an employee’s performance is intangible and only exists in the mind’s eye and at other times it may be measured and quantified.

Performance is also fleeting and subject to change. In essence performance is a difficult thing to accurately assess especially over twelve months.  Managers and employees need the proper tool to help them measure something this capricious.


TalentPeak™ is a gift that an organization gives to itself to remove stress and restore trust in the review process. It is a totally paperless online system accessible anytime anywhere for managers and employees to share performance notes, learning activities and goals. Schedule a demonstration today or request a short overview video to see how this intuitive easy to use system will restore faith in your organization’s review practice.

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